Out of humble beginnings on the famed Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, we have grown to serve a global audience of clients and talent from our beachside abode in El Segundo.

We take an individualized approach to every relationship we foster, because we realize that a one-size-fits-all strategy rarely works for everyone. We take all factors into consideration when we are making a potential match; in addition to hard skills and education, we consider what actually makes a good fit. Personality, culture, sense of humor, willingness to participate in office costume contests… you know, the immeasurable stuff.

We’ve taken great care in curating our amazing internal team, inclusive of our four-legged team members, and we promise we’ll use that same consideration for you.

Looking for a very specific job with your precise qualifications? Let’s talk about it! Have a project with unique staffing needs? We love a good challenge! We pride ourselves on finding the right solution for everyone, whether client or candidate. Not sure what the best solution is? Amongst our fabulous team we’ve got over 40 years of recruitment experience, so we probably have a really great suggestion.

And if nothing else, we have some really adorable office dogs to pet, and honestly, isn’t that the solution to just about everything?