Jeff Ganter


-Is an avid [and highly competitive] tennis player

-Loves all roller coasters, and tends to scream gleefully on them

-Is a lover and collector of all things Lilly Pulitzer


Julie reyes

vice president

-Cannot whistle

-Is a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter, and can likely deadlift more than you

-Will find basically any reason to bake a cake, even for the most benign of holidays


Ryan lawlis

senior recruiter

-Hates running but has completed 3 half-marathons

-Knows his way around a farm; as a pre-teen, judged and showed livestock in 4H competitions

-Finds David Attenborough’s voice the most soothing sound in the universe


Val Horton

recruiting coordinator

-Has played dodgeball with and against One Direction [sans Zayn]

-Is a rare native Angeleno, though she has lived in London, England

-Dislikes Red Velvet cake, and is unapologetic about it


margaret keag

director people ops/Human resources

-Is obsessed with flamingoes

-Loves to cross-stitch

-If and when she grows up, she wants to be Miss Piggy [She’s the best!]


Anthony valdivia


-Was a staff writer for motorsport publications and had a monthly column called “Body Talk” in Truckin’ Magazine

-Thoroughly enjoys deep cleaning his house while listening to Yma Sumac

-Collects music and has an impressive ‘80s vinyl collection


ariana lopez


-Loves spicy food, hates the 405

-Compulsive buyer of pink shiny objects and succulents

-Ultimate dream is to own a llama sanctuary and give them all celebrity names: Llama del Rey, Kendrick Llama, Sllama Hayek, Barak O. Llama, etc.


nicole kull


-Currently the Commissioner, Second in Command, of an all-female gaming crew that includes members from all over the world

-Is an avid crafter who enjoys crocheting, knitting, sewing, painting and anything DIY related

-Has made a hole-in-one during her tenure on the varsity golf team


kayl harrell


-Widely recognized as the best dodgeball referee in the world

-Featured background singer on two tracks on Janet Jackson’s “Velvet Rope” album

-Is a cancer and suicide survivor, getting by a day at a time cherishing every moment